Festival Of Arts

Want to participate in The Coral Springs Festival of the Arts? Here's how:

  1. If you are an entertainer we fill our schedule by December 1st so please contact Vincent Rebecca in the fall at
  2. Artist or crafter? Go to, application and Coral Springs to apply for an artist or crafter's booth
  3. Author? Authors for our Literary Workshops are booked in the fall. Please contact in the fall.
  4. Food vendor? We subcontract out our food vendors so we do not accept applications for food vendors
  5. Small business? Because this is an art festival and not a business expo we only allow sponsors to have business booths. For sponsorship opportunities please go to our sponsorship page. We do not have "tables". The only other opportunity is through our Volunteer/Small Business booth. If you donate 3 hours as a volunteer at the Festival you get 3 hours in the small business booth. If you are interested in this please contact