CSFOA Annual Scholarship Winner

CSFOA Annual Scholarship Winner - 2017

Peter Deodat

CSFOA Annual Scholarship Winner (2017)

Born in America, I was raised in the Caribbean among the beautiful islands of the Turks and Caicos. Growing up with strict parents, I learned to be a well rounded individual with no space for nonsensical mistakes. Leading with fairness, acceptance and respect I plan to be a helper for those in need...

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CSFOA Annual Scholarship Winner - 2016

Alison Hochman

CSFOA Annual Scholarship Winner (2016)

Alison Hochman, Coral Springs High School, is the 2016 winner of The Coral Springs Festival of the Arts art scholarship. The Festival's $1500 art scholarship is awarded to the overall winner of the Coral Springs Art Guild's scholarship winners from each of the 5 Coral Springs high schools...

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CSFOA Annual Scholarship Winner - 2015

Adrianna Andretta

CSFOA Annual Scholarship Winner (2015)

For as long as I can recall, art has been a part of my life. Creativity has exuded from me since I was able to hold a crayon, until now. Art had always been an outlet for me throughout childhood, whether I did it to cope with emotions or simply to get lost in what I loved to do. Putting a pencil or paintbrush to my paper has always kept me occupied throughout my childhood and many adults saw potential in my work, even when I did not...

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CSFOA Annual Scholarship Winner - 2014

Crystal Modeste

CSFOA Annual Scholarship Winner (2014)

Hello, I am Crystal Modeste. I am a senior at Coral Glades High School, and will be graduating in June.

Fantasy and videogames has always been one of my greatest interests and inspirations. Since middle school, I have used this as a muse for my art...

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CSFOA Annual Scholarship Winner - 2013

Cynthia Grillo

CSFOA Annual Scholarship Winner (2013)

My name is Cynthia Grillo and I was born in Coral Springs, Florida on April 13, 1995. I have lived in Coral Springs all my life and I attended Ramblewood Elementary, Coral Springs Christian Academy for my middle school and first half of my high school, and JP Taravella High for my last two years of high school...

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CSFOA Annual Scholarship Winner - 2012

Sebastian Pinzon

CSFOA 1st Annual Scholarship Winner (2012)

I am Sebastian Pinzon. I was born in Bogota, Colombia on April 6th, 1994. I've lived in Coral Springs, Florida for 13 years. I am part of the senior class of 2012 at Coral Springs Charter School. I take a passion in making 3-D art as well as playing all different kinds of sports; basketball, soccer, tennis, bowling. In addition to English, I'm also fluent in Spanish...

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